Arrow 3x03 ‘Corto Maltese’ Sneak Peek (x)
"Let me stop you right there. I told myself that I would stand firm on a few points."

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You wanted me to get on with my dad again so it’d make it worse for him, right? You didn’t make me love my dad again; I always loved him.

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"For the [#Arrow] audition I used my glasses, and then they based Felicity’s off of my glasses . I had to get new glasses for myself because I now associate those with Felicity so much that they aren’t me anymore"
— Emily Bett Rickards [Interview SFX Magazine - December 2014] (via oliverdant)


Ladies of Arrow Week | Day 4: Favorite character traits

Felicity “Meghan” Smoak




Stana Katic being adorable on the EMA 2014 green carpet.

Who is she talking to in that first gif? Because I’m like 90% sure she’s asking, “How is your mom?” And that is the most adorable thing ever.

That is Francesca Eastwood in the first gif. She is Frances Fisher’s daughter.

Well then that makes perfect sense! Thanks!

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I just noticed you don’t smile too much.



Is anyone else picking up on these little hints Felicity has been dropping? I am by far not the most perceptive of the Arrow fandom, but I’ve noticed Felicity has made references to the lacrosse player who sat outside her dorm, how she’s had worst first dates, and now in this episode referencing how she would know about stalker behavior. I don’t want to jump to conclusions and this is kind of a leap, but I’ve found the Arrow writers never bring up anything more than once without a hidden agenda. Does anyone else think Felicity may have had a stalker at some point?

PLUS in Episode 3x05 (or was it 3x07?) her Ex-Boyfriend will appear! (Idk wether in a flashback or not, but…)

very plausible… i noticed those things too…


Clyde! with JLM & Lucy Liu at New York Comic Con 2014 (Oct 10)

  1. Aperture: f/2.8
  2. Exposure: 1/200th
  3. Focal Length: 42mm